National, Regional, Local Success Summary:

2019 13U Gold USSSA AA World Series Runnerup (#1 in Michigan)
2019 11U Gold Ripken Experience Weeklong Gold Rush Pigeon Forge Semifinalist
2019 12U Black FAAST Midsummer Classic Champions
2019 10U Gold USSSA Canton Summer Classic Open Runnerup
2019 9U Black GameDay National Championships Final 4
2019 9U Black FAAST/Select Firecracker Classic Champions
2019 12U Gold USSSA Freedom Classic Champions
2019 9U Black Bullpen Grand Park Frenzy Champions
2019 13U Gold Petoskey Sunset Showdown Runnerup
2019 10U Gold USSSA Farmington Invitational Champions
2019 12U Black FAAST June Bash Champions
2019 13U Gold Cleveland Summer Classic Champions
2019 10U Black Pirate Baseball Classic Champions
2019 9U Black USSSA Memorial Veterans Blast Champions
2019 9U Black Hartland Blast Runnerup
2019 10U Gold USSSA Canton Shootout NIT Runnerup
2019 11U Gold 14th Annual Wolves Challenge Champions
2019 14U 25th Annual Northville Early Bird Runnerup
2019 11U Black GameDayUSA Silver Series Championship Runnerup
2019 10U Gold USSSA King of Spring Blast Off NIT Runnerup
2019 12U Gold USSSA Clarkston Classic Runnerup
2019 13U Black SMARTS Wolverine Sizzler Runnerup
2019 10U Gold Total Baseball Beat the Heat Champions
2019 9U Red FAAST Cage Championships Runnerup
2019 10U Black FAAST Challenge Runnerup
2019 11U Gold Total Baseball Beat the Heat Runnerup
2019 12U Black Legacy Michigan Opening Day Classic Runnerup
2019 13U Gold USSSA Great Lakes Shootout Runnerup
2018 8U Grand Haven Summer Blast Champions
2018 9U Black Wolves 6th Annual Summer Beast (10U Open Division) Runnerup
2018 12U Gold Wolves 6th Annual Summer Beast (13U Open Division) Runnerup
2018 10U Red Legacy Coca-Cola Youth Classic Runnerup
2018 11U Black Victory Sports Park Last Chance Cleveland Runnerup
2018 8U GamedayUSA Silver Series Championships Champions
2018 11U Gold FAAST Firecracker Classic Champions
2018 13U Gold Wolves Battle at the Border Champions
2018 11U Red Total Sports B'AA'L Invitational Runnerup
2018 9U Black Game Day USA Wolverine Championships Champion
2018 12U Black Wolves Battle at the Rock Runnerup
2018 9U Red Country Way Classic Runnerup
2018 13U Gold Wolves Summer Blast Champions
2018 14U Golden Grizzly Summer Classic Runnerup
2018 8U Saline Summer Slam Champions
2018 11U Black FAAST Slam Jam Champions
2018 12U Gold FAAST Slam Jam Champions
2018 11U Gold Under the Lights Extravaganza Champions
2018 10U Gold GamedayUSA All American Games Runnerup (11U Division)
2018 11U Black Pirate Baseball Classic Champions
2018 8U USSSA Kensington Valley Classic Champions
2018 14U Frankenmuth Early Season Shootout Runnerup
2018 10U Gold GameDay USA Super Regionals Open Champions
2018 9U Black Bullpen May Slugfest D1 Major Division Champions
2018 12U Gold Bullpen May Slugfest D1 Major Division Runnerup
2018 13U Gold FAAST May Bash Champions
2018 9U Red SMARTS Cannonball Run Runnerup
2018 11U Black SMARTS Cannonball Run Runnerup
2018 9U Black Total Sports Beat the Heat Champions
2018 13U Gold FAAST Spring Warmup Runnerup
2018 9U Black FAAST Spring Challenge Champions
2018 11U Gold FAAST Spring Warmup Champions
2018 12U Gold FAAST Spring Fling Champions
2017 12U Total Baseball Fall League Champions
2017 10U Red SMARTS Baseball Brawl Champions
2017 12U Gold #11 Seed at Cooperstown Dreams park (of 104)
2017 13U Black Crown Jewels of Petosky Champions
2017 10U Red SMARTS Ho Ho Homerun Classic
2017 10U Black FAAST Zappen Tournament Champions
2017 11U Red FAAST July Bash Runnerup
2017 8U FAAST July Bash Champions
2017 11U Black Davidson Summer Heat Champions
2017 12U Gold USSSA Firecracker NIT Runnerup
2017 13U Black Berkley Summer Classic Runnerup
2017 11U Black SMARTS King of Diamonds Champions
2017 8U Frankenmuth Summer Classic #1 Seed (rained out)
2017 11U Black Indiana Stike Out Cancer Tournament Champions
2017 14U FAAST SELECT June Bash Champions
2017 11U Red FAAST June Bash Runnerup
2017 10U Black Birch Run Tournament Champions
2017 8U 11th Annual Saline Summer Slam Champions
2017 9U Black USSSA AA Canton Classic Champions
2017 11U Red FJBA Country Way Classic Runnerup
2017 8U USSSA Wood Bat Global Invitational NIT Runnerup
2017 10U Red LCB Memorial Weekend Summer Slam Runnerup
2017 10U Black Wolves Memorial Day Shootout Champions
2017 11U Black Pinckney Pirate Classic Finalist
2017 8U USSSA Open Mount Clemens Memorial Runnerup
2017 10U Red SMARTS River Raisin Rumble Runnerup
2017 9U Red FAAST Ann Arbor Classic Runnerup
2017 12U Gold Michigan Monster Champions
2017 8U FAAST Spring Warmup Champions
2017 9U Black USSSA Oakland County Slugfest Champions
2017 11U Black FAAST Spring Warmup Toledo Champions
2017 11U Black FAAST Spring Fling at EMU Runnerup
2016 11U Gold USSSA AA World Series Champions
2016 10U FAAST Summer Classic Champions
2016 11U Gold Wolves Summer Beast Champions
2016 9U Black FAAST Summer Slam at Stoneco Champions
2016 11U Gold Youth Nationals Tournament Champions, KY
2016 13U Black Wolves/FAAST Annual Summer Shootout Champions
2016 12U Black JRM Shores Summer Shootout Champions
2016 11U Black June Summer Clash Co-Champions (rain)
2016 8U Frankenmuth Summer Classic Champions
2016 9U Black Frankenmuth Summer Classic Champions
2016 11U Gold USSSA Midwest Elite NIT Runnerup
2016 14U TB JV State Championship Runnerup
2016 10U Pirate Baseball Classic Runnerup
2016 8U USSSA Marucci Liberty Park Invitational Runnerup
2016 11U Gold USSSA AA Canton Classic Co-Champions (rain)
2016 9U Black Ortonville Under the Lights Runnerup
2016 11U Black Pinckney Pirate Classic Runnerup
2016 11U Gold FAAST May Challenge Champion
2016 8U Northville Early Bird Champion
2016 8U FAAST Spring Warmup Champion
2015 11U Black Grand Haven Summer Slam Runnerup
2015 8U FAAST July Bash Runnerup
2015 15U Total Sports Battle of the Bats Champions
2015 11U Black Late June Southfield Slam Champions
2015 10U Red Brighton Baseball Classic Runnerup
2015 8U Frankenmuth Baseball Classic Runnerup
2015 10U Black Frankenmuth Baseball Classic SemiFinalist
2015 10U Black CABA/Nations Michigan State Runnerup
2015 10U Black USSSA Open May Bash Champions
2015 10U Black FAAST Monroe Baseball Classic Runnerup
2015 8U Clio Invitational SemiFinalist
2015 10U Red Pirate Baseball Classic Runnerup
2015 11U Black Dearborn Invitational SemiFinalist
2015 13U Black Howell Hawks Invitational Co-Champions
2014 10U Albion Under the Lights Champions
2014 14U St. Clair Shores Under the Lights Classic Runnerup
2014 9U Frankenmuth Baseball Classic Runnerup
2014 9U Pirate Baseball Classic Champions
2014 12U Howell Hawks Invitational Champions
2014 9U FAAST Monroe Baseball Classic Runnerup
2013 13U USSSA Freedom Classic Tournament Champions
2013 13U Battle of the Best in Class Runnerup
2013 10U Beast of the East Runnerup
2013 10U Total Baseball Spring Bash Runnerup
2013 9U EMU Summer Classic RunnerUp
2012 12U Total Sports Spring Bash Runnerup
2012 12U Cooperstown Dreams Park #8 Seed Semifinalist (6-0)
2012 13U AAA USSSA Open Summer Bash (EMU) Champions
2011 12U Tri-City Sabercat Open Tournament Champions
2011 12U Major USSSA Open Battle of the Bats at Bailey Park hampions
2010 11U AAA USSSA Open Waco Wolves May Day Classic RunnerUp
2010 11U USSSA Open Hartland TAGS Champions
2010 11U 12U Spring Bash Tournament RunnerUp
2010 11U USSSA Open Farmington Blues Invitational Champions
2010 11U USSSA Michigan Major Elite, EMU RunnerUp
2010 11U July 4th Classic Sylvania Champions
2010 11U AABC State Tournament Regional RunnerUp
2010 11U AABC World Series, Brooklyn, NY RunnerUp
2009 10U Sylvania May Day Classic Champions
2009 10U USSSA Open Waco Wolves Tournament Champions
2009 10U Backyard Blast Champions
2009 10U USSSA Open Blues Invitational Champions
2008 9U USSSA South Farmington Blues Invitational RunnerUp
2008 9U Sylvania Mavericks 4th of July Classic RunnerUp
2008 9U Northville Early Bird Tournament, Ohio Champions
2008 9U USSSA AA World Series in Columbus, Indiana Runnerup
2007 14U CABA Nationals Third Place
2007 14U CABA National Qualifier (Delaware) SemiFinalist
2007 14U USSSA Michigan State Championships SemiFinalist
2007 14U Triple Crown NFWB Summer Classic Champions
2007 14U Triple Crown Capital City Classic Runnerup
2006 13U AABC Sandy Koufax World Series SemiFinalist
2006 13U USSSA Michigan State Championships SemiFinalist
2006 13U USSSA Blues Summer Invitational Champions
2006 13U USSSA Liberty Park Invitational SemiFinalist
2006 13U Hoosier Classic 3rd place SemiFinalist
2005 12u North Oakland District Champions
2005 12U AABC East Central US Regional Champions
2005 12u AABC Pee Wee Reese World Series Finalist
2005 12U GLTB Mid May Classic Tournament Champions
2005 12U Northville Early Bird Tournament Runnerup
2005 12U Windsor Summer Classic Tournament Runnerup
2004 11U USSSA World Series
2004 11U Early Bird Tournament (BPA) Runnerup
2004 11U Firecracker USSSA Runnerup
2003 10U KVBSA Runnerup
2003 10U AABC Playoffs
2003 10U Early Bird Tournament Runnerup
2003 10U Total Baseball Fall League Champions
2002 12U National Finalist Cooperstown - Top 10 Finish
2002 9U Early Bird Super Series Champions
2002 9U Mayday Classic USSSA Runnerup
2002 9U Summer Classic Tournament Champions
2002 9U Northville Fall League Champions

...and many more going back to 1995...

Novi heat history

tradition and success

Novi Heat Baseball has a rich travel baseball heritage and tradition, which has been passed on for over 20 years.


In 1995, an exceptional coach by the name of Dave Ray identified the need for travel baseball in the Novi area and founded the Novi Heat.  This first Novi Heat travel team became known around the world by winning the North Central US Regional in Minnesota and earned the right to play in the 12U AABC World Series in Puerto Rico as one of the top 8 teams in the country (out of over 2000).   This founding team competed with the best baseball teams in the world, and this started a tradition of excellence that has stood the test of time.  In the years that followed, Dave Ray's teams continued to succeed by winning some of the top baseball tournaments in the country.  Following the Novi Heat initial success, Doug Harrington and John Slack each took three year turns as Novi Heat Director and expanded the program to include more age groups from 9U - 14U.  Novi Heat teams continued to compete at the highest level locally, regionally and nationally for many years. 


The early success experienced by the Novi Heat was not an aberration.  In the early 2000s, Craig Bonnell coached teams that consistently placed or won championships for an impressive 6 year run -  including a top 3 finish in the CABA National Championship and top 5 in the AABC World Series.  Additionally, teams lead by Rick Green (current Novi HS Varsity Coach) and Joe O'Connor also placed in the finals in the World Series and sent an impressive 9 players onto play NCAA college baseball.  Tom Estfan took over in 2005 and Novi Heat teams continued to compete at the highest level of baseball in Super NITs, Michigan Major Elite, Open Tournaments and the Ripken Experience which included a state runner-up at the USSSA Open State Tournament.


By 2009, Dave Beaton coached several teams that won 4 out of 5 KVBSA Division championships, swept 4 tournament championships at 10U, and won 6 championships and 5 runner-up at the AAA or Major level during the 11U-13U years.  This included a 2nd place finish at the 11U AABC World Series, and the Championship at the Battle of the Bats Majors at Bailey Park for 12U.  When his tenure was completed these teams totaled an impressive 194 victories and over 75% overall winning percentage over 5 years.  These accomplishments were quite possibly the highest level accomplishments for community travel baseball in Michigan.


In 2012, Ken Perpich's Novi Heat team earned the #8 seed out of 104 teams at Cooperstown Dreams Park by going 6-0 in pool play.  In 2016, an 11U team won the Youth Nationals tournament in Kentucky and the USSSA AA World Series in Canton.  In 2017, history repeated itself as our 12U Gold Novi Heat team again went 6-0 in pool play at Cooperstown Dreams Park earning the #11 seed out of 104 teams.

In recent years, the Novi Heat baseball program has made significant improvements by establishing a board of directors with Ken Perpich, Ben Abler, and Dave Beaton; acquired our own state of the art indoor practice facility; conducted annual coaches clinics with the best area coaches and college players in the Novi area; offered private and group training and developmental opportunities for players; and formed many competitive teams at the community, advanced, and open level for ages 8U to 15U.  

The Novi Heat was founded in 1995 with the core values of: Heart. Effort. Attitude. Team.”   Over 20 years later, the same fundamental core values are alive and well throughout our organization.  We expect our success to continue for many years to come.